Venetian Plasterers San Diego

Venetian Plaster is a building material dating back thousand of years when all manner of materials contributed to the color and texture of the walls of many ancient and historic buildings. Venetian Plaster imparts a rich, timeless finish reminiscent of those found in the great palaces of Rome.

The art of Venetian plastering is an intricate process.

It takes time, a deep knowledge of colors, experience, an eye for detail, and precise mixing of materials. Venetian plaster's smooth, polished or matt surface can take on the look of polished marble, natural stone and even suede. This extraordinary finish exhibits multi-dimensional depth, and variegated appearance adding visual interest and charm.

The warm hues of Venetian Plaster are perfectly at home in casual, contemporary or traditional rooms. The more layers that are applied, the more depth and polish you achieve.

Venetian Plaster Applications

Discuss how we can bring the beauty of Venice into your home or business with a true Venetian Plaster finish that will last a lifetime.

Only experienced artisans can make your walls look like a work of art - a surface that has the depth and radiance of a pearl, evoking impressions of both the world in which we live, and that of a distant past.

Did you know

Venetian plaster has been used for centuries around the globe in homes, hotels, restaurants, spas, museums, architectural masterpieces and in everyday buildings.

Architects and interior designers, home-owners and artists, all have marveled at the distinctive beauty of this highly popular form of wall finishing. Throughout the ages the highly skilled artisans who specialized in creating such beauty have been revered and sought after. Its distinctive, often shiny surface beckons the touch, as though one's fingers would not stop at the surface but reach into it as though into a pool of water.

The origins of Venetian plaster stretch back through the centuries, with roots dating as far back as 9000 BC in Mesopotamia - the earliest known examples of plaster work. In fact, throughout history plastering techniques were developed in ancient India, China, Egypt, Greece and on to the ancient Roman Empire.